About Me

I have been a National Certified & Licensed Massage Therapist (NCBTMB) and business owner for 30+ years. Lic: #007044-00 Board Certification with the NCBTMB represents the highest standard of accreditation for Massage Therapy in the United States. With over three decades on experience helping others, I’ve become highly skilled at treating clients…. Since 1993, I have been able to share this incredible healing therapy with all of my clients. I completed my professional massage degree at Phoenix Therapeutic Massage College in 1993. I completed my professional and certification trainings as an Arvigo® Therapist in 2014. I have taken an immense amount of continuing education over my 30 years in the holistic health field. I am always learning more so I can pass that along to you.

I am a wife of 23+ years, mother of 3 beautiful daughters and a survivor of breast cancer of 7+ years. All my treatment was Holistic.  My favorite color is pink and sparkles!  In 2018, we moved to the Owasso area from my hometown of Durango, CO where I was blessed to serve others for over 3 decades through my local practice. After a near death experience at 19 years old it became my life purpose to be of service & touch and heal as many as I could.  And Since I can remember, holistic health and healing have always been an integral part of my approach to life. I trust completely in the effectiveness of all the modalities that I offer and I also trust in your innate ability to ignite and strengthen your own healing potential. Your body wants to heal. Homeostasis is its easiest and most natural expression. When you assist the body in its natural expression of flow, there are miracles wanting and waiting to happen. I only offer clean living products backed my science.

HSA & FSA cards accepted.

Client Reviews

A session with Tara will deepen your mindset on wellness. Tara is truly the woman’s whole body master. She listens to you & listens to your body to help you make a plan for health. Tara has told me things about my body that doctors have needed an x-ray to find, which is why I joke that she has xray vision through her finger tips!

Alexis N.

Tara is AMAZING! She pays such good attention to detail and really help you figure out what your problems are.  The TeraHertz wand is THE BEST THING!  That warm air helps relax you and feels amazing while getting a massage.

Jade P.

I wanted a more holistic approach to understanding and naturally healing my own body. Tara has helped me in ways I never thought a massage therapist could. She gets down to the problem and helps you physically and teaches you how to take care of yourself outside sessions . She’s amazing at what she does!

Ashlyn D.

Tara is amazing! I have struggled with migraines and back pain for years and she has helped me so much. Not only does she give the best massage but she really takes the time to educate you and get to the root cause of the problem. I cannot recommend her enough!!

Madi F.

Tara is the best! Not only does she give an amazing massage, she takes time to truly listen to your concerns and help you address them. I can’t recommend her enough!

Allison E.

Tara is wonderful! She is very knowledgeable at doing body massage and is a very caring and conscientious person. She takes a lot of pride in what she does and treats each person she helps with their individual needs. I highly recommend Tara! You won’t be disappointed!

Sue C.

I’m excited for Tara and these services, she listens so well, offers great solutions, follows up in a sincere and kind way and is the best massage therapist.

Billie C.

I suffered from sciatica pain for a 2 years and went to many chiropractic visits but found no relief until my daughter told me about Tara!!! One massage and my pain was almost gone. After the second I was pain free with the exercises she recommended. I can’t thank you enough Tara.

Sue F.

Purpose Statement

My purpose is one of healing for women only: facilitate healing the body, mind, spirit and physical. Both physically and energetically, it’s imperative to an individual’s well-being and life force that they create constant and effective releases to free the body from the devastating effects of emotional pains, trauma, stress, injury and repetitive work patterns.

Through my practice I help educate and empower women along their holistic wellness journey. I have been blessed to help couples, in conjunction with their fertility doctors, to successfully conceive as well as nurtured expectant mothers through their pregnancy, labor & postpartum. Also helping ladies with menopause and premenopausal symptoms.

The services I offer have helped numerous clients finally gain relief from discomforts, pain or imbalances caused by stressful or active lifestyles, traumatic accidents, surgeries and poor gut health.

In striving to offer my clients a more advanced comprehensive treatment, I continually take massage education classes and workshops throughout the year.

My Services

Certified Arvigo Abdominal Massage

Therapeutic Medical Massages

Lymphatic Drainage